black history month image

February 1, 2023

Dear Cavalier Community,

As we start the month of February, I am excited to announce that all school buildings in Carrollton will be celebrating Black History Month - a time dedicated to recognizing African-American history and culture.  Our school community is committed towards creating an inclusive learning environment for all our students, regardless of race or ethnicity.  We are also taking this opportunity to affirm our dedication towards creating an inclusive and equitable learning environment for all students.

Carrollton has a diverse community of learners.  Embedded into our curriculum is a celebration of diverse literacy, which all students have access to throughout the year.  This month, we will host additional celebrations that will include educational activities such as learning interesting facts about famous figures in history, discussions around important societal issues related to justice and equality as well as student projects on key topics and people in black history.  As a school district we believe it’s vital that each one of us learns more about this important part of America’s past so that together, we can better understand how far society still needs to go in order for everyone - no matter their background - to truly benefit from equal rights and opportunities.

I hope you join me in embracing this opportunity for growth by engaging your children with meaningful conversations about Black History Month both at home and here at Carrollton Public Schools.  Let’s come together this February with open mindsets so that through learning from one another we can all make lasting change towards building a more compassionate world, where everyone feels valued, respected, and safe!


Tiffany L. Peterson, Ed.S.

Chief Bridge Builder and Superintendent

Carrollton Public Schools