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MDHHS 5925 Reconsideration Form

There may be months when your student’s attendance was different from what the school reported.  In that case, you may be able to have your student’s benefit level reconsidered. Your request to be reconsidered must be submitted by June 30, 2022. In the month(s) below, your school reported primarily in-person.  Your student(s) may be P-EBT eligible If your student Did not receive instruction in person for some or all the month due to COVID-19 related absence in the following month(s):

 September 2021, October 2021, November 2021, and December 2021

If you believe your student may be eligible for these benefits, download the MDHHS 5925 form above, take it to your student's school to be filled out then send it in following the directions on the form.