march is reading month, nutrion and womens hitosyr

Dear Cavalier Community,

Welcome March!  

What an awesome time of year it is, with the recognition of March Is Reading Month, Women’s History Month, and National Nutrition Month!  The celebrations will be many all across the district so please stay tuned to communications from building and district leaders.

Academics, safety and attendance remain top priorities in Carrollton.  We continue to use the MTSS framework as our structure for learning, behavior, and intervention.  Providing a physically safe campus, where inclusion, belonging, and equity are key, ensure that we provide a learning environment where every Cavalier feels safe and protected. A focus on positive attendance is also foremost.  We know students learn best and most when they are present in school each day, even on half days of school.  

As we continue to improve in each of the above areas we remain committed to quality instruction and a variety of programming so each student finds “their lane.”  Practicing safety measures and reviewing policies regularly ensure that we are best prepared for any incident.  

Our local research tells us that we have a number of students who miss school on a regular basis. When this happens students miss instruction and social-emotional learning opportunities.

Our new attendance incentives this year have shown improvement in students’ attendance  overall, but we want to see even more growth in this area. One point of pride is that for the first week in March, our 11th grade had 92.37% of its students present, followed by our seniors who are leading the charge as they prepare for their next steps and graduation!  If you would like more information about the attendance incentives and how they benefit your students, please reach out to your child’s building principal.  If you are experiencing barriers to positive attendance, please contact your child’s counselor or school social worker.

With that said, the next three weeks will be especially important for students to have regular attendance as we move into the final preparation for state assessments like the SAT, M STEP and our local assessment, NWEA.  These tests will begin across the district the week we return from spring break.  Please let us know if there are barriers to your child having positive attendance.  We will be happy to help and problem-solve with families.

My mission continues to provide the best outcomes possible for students and their families. In addition, Carrollton’s outstanding educators and I aim to change the trajectory of the lives of every student with a quality and well-rounded Carrollton Public Schools education.  We understand that parents and guardians want nothing but the best for their children and I am humbled to serve as the vessel to ensure that goal is reached for every Cavalier.   

I wish every Cavalier an amazing spring break and an enjoyable time with family and friends. Spring break begins on March 27th and students return to school on April 3rd.  Thank you for your continued support of our district and for choosing Carrollton Public Schools for your child’s education.

With Cavalier Pride,

Tiffany L. Peterson, Ed.S.

Chief Bridge Builder and Superintendent

Carrollton PUblic Schools